A mobile medical service is a fully equipped mobile medical unit. It can protect, improve, and promote your employees’ well-being. The Amphibious Medics Rover is available to clients who require on-site medical care for multiple locations or projects within a specific radius—like construction first aid. We created our Rover program in response to our clients' feedback and needs.

What Do Mobile Medical Services Offer?

A roving medical office has several advantages for your business, projects, or sites:

  • Fast response – The Rover is on-call and in the vicinity to quickly respond to employee emergencies and render first aid.
  • Mobile wellness and safety clinics – The Rover can park at a location to offer employee health and wellness clinics or on-site safety training.
  • Saves time for your safety managers – As our on-site EMT responds to your employee's emergency, they collaborate and communicate with your company’s area or regional safety managers. As a result, your safety team can still respond to the incident without being present for every urgent call.

Rover Expectations:

  • Enhanced On-Site services spread out over a cluster of locations
  • On-Call incident reaction to fi t the budget with costs spread out over multiple client locations
  • Mitigation of potential recordables for multiple sites

How Will You Benefit from Our On-site Medical Team?

An on-site EMT quickly responds to emergencies and mitigates potentially recordable incidents. But it can also help you create employee health and wellness programs or add value to your existing programs

  • Budget-friendly options – We can customize services to fit your budget and spread costs across your locations.
  • Efficient reduction of OSHA recordables – Rapid response from our on-site EMTs will mitigate potentially recordables for multiple sites.
  • Robust employee health and wellness programs – According to Gallup research, total health and wellness are essential because employees who thrive physically and emotionally are 65% less likely to be involved in a workplace accident. Amphibious Medics' mobile employee clinics and health screenings help detect illnesses and diseases early. And our lifestyle coaching promotes mental and emotional well-being.

One-of-a-Kind Industry Operations

Amphibious Medics one-of-a-kind operations will customize on-site medical services to the unique needs of your project, construction site, or business.

Our services include:

  • Health and safety medical technician - The Rover health and safety medical technician (HSMT) is a medically licensed, certified professional. Your HSMT will serve and respond to a regional cluster of sites within the coverage area. We collaborate with you to define the coverage area and organize coverage to reduce response time and meet an agreeable standard.

    We will review the coverage area with you and discuss the following factors to maximize our service and response time:
    • Geography
    • Traffic constraints
    • Human factors
  • Rover HSMT vehicle - At the heart of the Rover program is the Rover HSMT vehicle. This mobile medical office enables the on-site EMT to respond to all incidents within the coverage area quickly.
  • Rotating schedule - A flexible, rotating schedule allows us to be visible at projects with the greatest need while focusing on your employee health and safety goals. And we can modify the schedule to match the changing environments of each site within the coverage area. We ensure construction first aid or other medical help is where and when you need it.
  • Prioritization - An active incident will take priority over scheduled daily tasks. If your organization experiences multiple concurrent incidents, Amphibious Medics On-Call services can be activated, and another HSMT will arrive on the scene.
Amphibious Medics rovers are mobile first-aid vehicles Interior of mobile first aid rover
Are You Interested in Mobile Medical Services?
Whether you need construction first aid or mobile medical services for another industry, Amphibious Medics can help. Contact us to ask questions or discuss how an on-site EMT can help protect your team’s safety and wellness.

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