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Amphibious Medics On-Site

By reacting and assessing the moment an incident or injury occurs, Amphibious Medics can determine the best course of action for every circumstance

When our Health and Safety Medical Technician (HSMT) is On-Site, they are better able, and more equipped to determine a course of action and care. This On-Site presence has proven countless times to deliver time saving and cost saving decision making and treatment. This is backed by proven client data from over 15 years of experience.

Should the incident require a higher level of care, Amphibious Medics is uniquely situated to prepare our Clients for what to expect in a clinic or hospital setting. In some instances, Amphibious Medics can even escort the employee to the predesignated clinic or hospital. This allows our Client’s management team to remain On-Site, continuing with their business at hand.

For more information about the services Amphibious Medics' HSMTs offer to your specific industry, please click on your industry below.

Amphibious Medics On-Site

On-Site Expectations:

  • Immediate reaction to incidents, expediting care and service abilities
  • A full-time certified HSMT that is trained in OSHA standards, and carrying an OSHA 30 card
  • An extra member of the Safety Team trained and eager to assist in any site safety function

On-Site Support is Available For the Following Divisions