We’re the obstacle racing industry’s #1 provider

Our Event Medical division is geared to serve events of all sizes, including roving, multi-state events. Utilizing our nationwide network, Amphibious Medics can provide continuity of service between all of your events, dramatically decreasing office workload in the planning stages and resulting in a higher level of care with lower response times. We are the number one provider of on-site event medical support for the obstacle racing industry and handle events of all types including triathlons, marathons, parades, festivals and more.

As events become more and more extreme, the need for experienced EMS management specific to the industry has increased dramatically. The burden of a large scale extreme event cannot be handled by most non-urban local EMS systems without adversely impacting the municipality. Amphibious Medics works closely with the locals, ensuring that the event does not have an impact on the local EMS resources.

Our proprietary incident tracking software allows our clients to access the data from anywhere and see in real time the volume and nature of injuries on site. Our software also tracks where on your event grounds each incident occurs. This offers an opportunity for detailed risk management and lower insurance costs.

Having a nationwide, single-source provider of emergency support for roving events will decrease workload, lower costs and provide continuity between events. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your entire calendar is covered months or even years in advance.

The top names in obstacle racing have partnered with Amphibious Medics to care for their events. Among our clients:

  • Tough Mudder
  • Spartan Race
  • Savage Race
  • Hard Charge