Amphibious Medics is America’s largest network of construction medics, event medics, and set medics. Your project or event will be completely managed by our experienced executive team, who will assemble an Amphibious Medics crew to handle all of this and more...

First Aid Support

Trained and Reliable First Aid

Logistics Make All the Difference.

First aid medic on a construction site standing in front of Rover

At Amphibious Medics, the keys to our success, quality, and efficiency lay in our logistical expertise. Whether it’s a massive obstacle race in the wilderness requiring a 100 man team with off-road vehicles and aid stations or a nationwide roving reality show needing set medics in 20 off-the-beaten-path towns, our network has the reach and experience to cover your job, no matter how challenging it is. From our home office to our field managers, the entire Amphibious Medics management team is focused on bringing First Response to your projects on a national scale, with local pricing.

Our nationwide crew is made up of licensed and background checked EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and physicians. Amphibious Medics will manage and assemble the full time or on-call medical crew needed for your project, event or production. We provide the medical equipment and supplies needed to provide first-response. We coordinate with local Ambulance, Air Ambulance, and Fire Departments, so you don’t have to. Our goal is to mitigate the flow of traffic to urgent care facilities or the ER. This saves you and your population of employees or attendees time and money, and assures that local emergency crews are not bogged down with injuries that can be handled on site.

Depending on your needs, Amphibious Medics can staff for projects of all sizes and scope. You may need regular staff in a medical trailer for the duration of a construction project, a team of medics to travel to an overseas production, or dozens of medics to support a major, roving athletic event. We even provide our services on an on-call pay-as-needed basis, so that an Amphibious Medic is never far to assess your needs and meet them.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

On Location to Save You Time and Money

Drug and alcohol screening immediate results tests

NIDA-5 Panel Drug Test Checks for Presence of:

  • Cannabinoids (hashish, marijuana, THC)
  • Cocaine (benzoylecognine, cocaethylene)
  • Amphetamines (methamphetamine)
  • Opiates (opium, codeine, heroin, morphine)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

We offer immediate-results onsite testing for one or more drugs. Our standard test screens for the industry standard "NIDA-5" drugs and expanded tests can detect five additional drugs. Most tests provide results within 3-10 minutes, which is why they are described as "immediate results" tests.

On-site drug testing, with our DOT certified construction medic collecting the specimen from the donor and screening at their work site, saves time and is far more efficient.

On-site drug screening works hand-in-glove with our on-site first aid services. All of our construction medics are trained and DOT certified screeners.

All breathalyzers are DOT approved and our medics are certified in their use.

Occupational Health Clinics

Occupational Clinical Services

Standby paramedic in mobile first aid rover

Amphibious Medics can establish and manage dedicated, full-service occupational health clinics. We can build a program suited to your needs, whether you require a physician-staffed clinic to provide immediate response and handle multiple employee injuries, or want a comprehensive solution to meet all of your health care needs.

Health Services:

  • Fitness for duty / return to work examinations
  • Standard and custom pre-employment/periodical examinations
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Respirator clearance examinations & fit testing
  • Comprehensive firefighter / police examinations
  • Executive physicals
  • Vaccinations and blood testing
  • Administration of drug screening program
  • Audiometric testing
  • Preventive health measures

Value-Added Services Available:

  • On-site CPR, AED and first aid training
  • On-site health & wellness programs
  • Claims Administration

Data and Incident Tracking

Know the Details of Every Accident That Occurs

On-site medic gathering details on all incidents to collect all necessary data

Amphibious Medics has developed and maintains it's own proprietary incident tracking software to aid our clients in maintaining detailed risk management data and constant awareness of post incident status. Through a secure portal, our clients can access all relevant site incident data detailing all incidents, activity, and follow-up. Data can be disseminated through weekly reporting to designated recipients through any manner of custom designs. Reports can include spreadsheets, charts, and graphs detailing injury types, prime or subs, shifts, weather, type of work performed, and many other fields.

Our separate digital logbooks record all daily activity, giving our clients a clear insight into how our clinicians time is spent on their sites.

  • Available access 24/7 through our secure web portal
  • Incident data is updated daily
  • Spreadsheet available in web view or downloadable excel format
  • Lowers safety superintendents' workload as all on-site injury data is charted automatically
  • Custom charts available for any management purpose or preference
  • Track injury trends
  • Standard “run sheets” accompany all patients