Medical Support

Available for Construction Projects and Budgets of All Sizes

Amphibious Medics can provide medical support to your site, full time or on-call. Count on us for projects of all sizes – whether you require an on-site clinic staffed with a medic whenever your crew is present, or you want all the benefits of that same on-site clinic available on an on-call basis.

First response and employee care are always our first priority. By responding and assessing at the moment an incident occurs or at the first signs of illness, Amphibious Medics can determine the best course of action for each individual case. Unnecessary off-site treatment, workers comp claims, lost time, associated costs, and recordables can be avoided while proper necessary treatment is administered immediately. Amphibious Medics also serves as a first line of defense against fraudulent claims.

We provide all levels of construction first aid and track on-site injury and illness data with proprietary software. Our medical support team complements your existing safety department and specializes in maintaining compliance with OSHA standards 1926.23 and 1926.50 as well as conforming to Army Corps of Engineers EM385 1-1 for government projects.

Dedicated to Employee Health

Amphibious Medics is a nationwide, multi-discipline emergency, occupational health and wellness services firm. We specialize in large scale construction site first aid stations and infirmaries, industrial wellness clinics, incident data management, claims administration, regulatory compliance and on-site drug and alcohol screening for pre-employment or post-incident. We partner with general contractors, industrial operators, and government agencies to offer comprehensive and customized First Aid & EHS support solutions.

On-site first aid, respirator fit testing


Injury Recordability Avoidance and Mitigation Program

Our incident-specific proprietary protocols enable our HSMTs to assess an employee’s injury, provide the needed care, and prevent an average of 90% of unnecessary recordables.

Our protocols are highly effective for these reasons:

  • Written and continuously reviewed by board-certified doctors
  • Compliant with OSHA 300 log recordability directives
  • Include clear directives to help HSMTs proficiently render first aid and minimize urgent care visits
300 OSHA log infographic
Bridging the Gap
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Safety Team Administrative Support

Social integration and open communication between our staff and our client’s team is a critical component to the success of everyone’s safety program. When your HSMT is not interacting with injured or sick employees, they are trained to actively participate in your EHS program and are available to provide collateral support for duties as requested. These duties may include site walks, filing hot work permits, I.D. badging, holding site safety orientations, conducting pre-employment drug screening, completing fire extinguisher inspections, and reviewing and finalizing insurance forms.

First Response

First response and employee care are our first two priorities. By responding and assessing at the moment an incident occurs or at the first signs of illness, Amphibious Medics can determine the best course of action for each individual case.

Emergency Services can include:

  • Full time or on-call Medic, EMT, or Nurse
  • Incident triage and scene management assistance
  • First response to all injuries and illnesses
  • On-site and/or remote access to Occupational Health and Emergency Medicine physicians
  • Physician Medical Director oversight

Health and Safety Plan Administration

Amphibious Medics will coordinate with local EMS agencies to develop site-specific emergency response plans. We physically visit with local first responders to develop essential relationships that can be valuable in times of crisis. Egress routing will be conspicuously posted throughout the site. We work hand-in-hand with local medical facilities to ensure follow up care is referred and treated within the company insurance / workman's comp network. Our goal is getting employees treated, recovered, and back to work in a timely but safe manner.

  • Coordination of CCIP, OCIP, and ACIP requirements
  • Site First-Aid Kits, supply and maintenance
  • Participation in site safety meetings and programs
  • Site evaluation and response planning
  • On-site drug and alcohol testing
  • Coordination with local medical facilities
  • Standard Operating Procedures crafted specifically for each site
  • 24hr online access to AM's proprietary database
  • Data tracking, charting, and downloadable spreadsheets detailing all site incidents

Complete Health Services

Amphibious Medics can establish and manage dedicated, full-service occupational health clinics. We can build a program suited to your needs, whether you require a physician-staffed clinic to provide immediate response and handle multiple employee injuries, or want a comprehensive solution to meet all of your health care needs.

Health Services can include:

  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • NYC Construction Site Fire Safety Managers (CSFSM) for duty / return to work examinations
  • Standard and custom pre-employment / periodical examinations
  • DOT physicals & testing services
  • Respirator clearance examinations & fit testing
  • Comprehensive firefighter / police examinations
  • Executive physicals
  • Vaccinations and blood testing
  • Administration of drug screening program
  • Audiometric testing
  • Preventive health measures

Value-Added Services Available:

  • On-site CPR, AED and first aid training
  • On-site health & wellness programs
  • Claims Administration

Data Management

Amphibious Medics' proprietary and customizable data management system tracks and categorizes every incident on site. Utilizing a unique tiered system, incidents are tracked by severity and likelihood of generating a claim. Amphibious Medics' meticulous, thorough, and efficient reporting system is widely recognized as the industry leader, keeping site leadership, risk management, and insurers in the loop from the moment an incident occurs through full resolution.

Depending on your needs, we can also manage:

  • Incident documentation in accordance with state, local, and client policies
  • Claims Administration
  • Data management / maintenance of statistics
  • collateral duties as requested (conducting site orientations, clerical duties, etc.)