Medic Services for Construction, Industrial, Events, and Film/TV Sets

Amphibious Medics is America’s largest network of construction medics, event medics, and set medics. Your project or event will be completely managed by our experienced executive team, who will assemble an Amphibious Medics crew to handle all of this and more:

Emergency Medical Support Icon Emergency Medical Support

We're ready for anything – from cuts and blisters to broken limbs or life-threatening emergencies.

Lifeguards and Divers Icon Lifeguards and Divers

If your production or extreme event involves water or mud, you need the Amphibious Medics Guard and Dive crew.

Drug and Alcohol Screening Icon Drug and Alcohol Screening

We offer immediate-results onsite testing for one or more drugs.

Occupational Health Clinic Icon Occupational Health Clinics

We establish and staff a full-time health and wellness clinic, customized to your needs.

Data and Incident Tracking Icon Data and Incident Tracking

Amphibious Medics has its own, proprietary incident tracking software to aid our clients in detailed risk management and lower insurance costs.

Confined Space Rescue Technicians Icon Confined Space Rescue Technicians

Amphibious Medics provides confined space rescue services including but not limited to a confined space rescue certified medic, permit space identification and necessary testing, hazard recognition, reevaluation and reclassification of confined spaces, and authorized entrant and attendant awareness.