Know the details of every accident that occurs

Amphibious Medics has developed and maintains it's own proprietary incident tracking software to aid our clients in maintaining detailed risk management data and constant awareness of post incident status. Through a secure portal, our clients can access all relevant site incident data detailing all incidents, activity, and follow-up. Data can be disseminated through weekly reporting to designated recipients through any manner of custom designs. Reports can include spreadsheets, charts, and graphs detailing injury types, prime or subs, shifts, weather, type of work performed, and many other fields.

Our separate digital logbooks record all daily activity, giving our clients a clear insight into how our clinicians time is spent on their sites.

  • Available access 24/7 through our secure web portal
  • Incident data is updated daily
  • Spreadsheet available in web view or downloadable excel format
  • Lowers safety superintendents' workload as all on-site injury data is charted automatically
  • Custom charts available for any management purpose or preference
  • Track injury trends
  • Standard “run sheets” accompany all patients