Amphibious Medics thrive in water ...

Amphibious Medics thrive in water ... it’s where we originally got our name. If your production or extreme event involves water or mud, you need the Amphibious Medics Guard and Dive crew.

We can staff events with EMTs that are also state-certified lifeguards. Our divers are some of the most experienced in the industry. Many carry swift-water rescue, rescue diver, and commercial hard-hat diver certifications in addition to their standard certs. We have extensive experience in rescue, rigging, and safety diving.

Many productions require non-scuba trained talent or crew to work beneath the surface. Our instructors are professionals that can get your people down, get the shot, and get them back up safely.

If your production has a higher level of marine-related danger, we can assign our swift water rescue or rescue diver qualified personnel to you.

Car Sinking Under Water

Amphibious Medics In Action

Watch our crew in action on this production